Life married to an alcoholic

March 1, 2009

Backsliding and wet spots

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Ok, It’s NOT what you think. The husband has been back sliding pretty bad lately and we’ve been fighting over it. I don’t understand how he can go weeks without touching a drop of alcohol and then suddenly NEED to go buy a 40oz PLUS a 24oz. I don’t get it, and I probably never will.

Here’s the weird thing. He will, apparently go to sleep just fine. And yet when he wakes up, he is covered in……wet stuff? Like soaking the couch wet. As in, from his knees to his head. And we can’t figure out what it is. It used to happen before when he was drinking heavily and now it is happening again. I don’t think it is pee. For one, it doesn’t smell and second, there is A LOT of fluid. Too much to be sweat and we all know that he isn’t drinking water. In fact, there aren’t even any cups around. I’m serious when I say it soaks THROUGH the couch. I moved the couch the other day looking for something and the floor beneath it was wet. So I guess it is a mystery.

An annoyance that happened last week. He, I guess while drunk took off his pants and boxers upon waking in the mysterious wet spot. He placed the items IN the washing machine and put on new boxers. I came home and started the wash. I noticed there were clothes in there, but figured that he wanted them washed right away.

Cue 7Am rolling around and him frantically searching for his work phone. I find it about 20 minutes later, You guessed it, at the bottom of the washing machine.

Of course, this is my fault. Because he knows himself SOOO well that he knows he would never, EVER put his pants in the washer without taking his cell phone out. Yeah. He doesn’t remember stripping and changing, but he KNOWS he would not forget to take out the cell phone. So I told him to feel free to do his own laundry from now on and reminded him that he is a big boy and it is his job to check his own pockets.

Of course he was drinking last night. See, he cleaned the house (sort of) and apparently he cannot do manual labor without drinking. This is the third time this week that he has been drunk. The first time we fought. The second time I ignored it. Now I’m just plain pissed. we are having my daughters birthday party today. The kitchen is still trashed, we have to set up and I have to try to get a couple hours of sleep after being up all day yesterday and working all night last night. I’d like to just crash out now, but guess what? The kids are awake and the husband is still sleeping off the beer. Must be nice to get a solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

I haven’t been updating as often because he was doing well. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot more time here. Which in a way is good. I have been neglecting it and what I set out to do.

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  1. the wet spots are pee

    Comment by thevinyard — March 1, 2009 @ 11:22 am

  2. I agree with the previous comment. It is pee. I had the same problem with my man. Yes it doesnt smell like pee but it is. He would wake up covered along with the entire bed.

    Comment by Dina — March 6, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

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